Diversity Statement

Appreciation and celebration of diversity—those traits that make individuals unique, including their age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style, and background—are viewed as central to meeting the healthcare needs of people around the world. In fact, diversity is the lens through which we must view people's healthcare needs. The Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation (NPHF) celebrates, respects, and values the inherent worth of every individual, and is committed to promoting the inclusion of every single person in the healthcare system.

Providing healthcare for a diverse world of patients and communities requires a diverse workforce that understands and embraces multiple cultures and perspectives. Therefore, enhancing the diversity of the Nurse Practitioner (NP) profession is a core goal of NPHF. Furthermore, we believe that one key to the provision of high-quality, accessible care is the building of relationships with a wide variety of professional and patient organizations, educational entities, civic groups, and policy/governmental agencies that foster innovation, collaboration, breadth of vision, and leadership. Our activities are therefore focused both within the NP profession, to enhance the diversity of the NP workforce, and outside the NP profession, to foster an environment that expands access to high quality healthcare for diverse populations.

To be a champion of diversity, the NPHF initiated a diversity scholarship program to support minority graduate students seeking advanced education as Nurse Practitioners. This grant-funded program will continue as funds become available. A community-based initiative is under way to support and enhance the quality of care provided by healthcare professionals in underserved low resource communities. Fellowships in the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General have provided support for national public health programs addressing healthcare issues of concern in diverse populations. We have also reached out to diverse professional and healthcare organizations to collaborate on many of these projects and programs.

We believe that diversity is an extraordinary gift that enriches us all as human beings. But, precisely because one size doesn't fit all, diversity is a challenge in terms of meeting the healthcare needs of every single person in our global community. The NPHF is committed to meeting this challenge.

Governance, Operations, and NPHF Programs

The Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation is committed to achieving diversity in the composition of its Board of Trustees, and in the selection of employees. NPHF is an equal opportunity employer. NPHF utilizes a wide base of suppliers, which strengthens our ability to conduct programs across cultures and geographic settings. Programs are developed in response to identified needs—such as rural underserved populations, minority healthcare, and public health education. Future projects will continue to advance the Foundation's goals of eliminating health disparities, promoting access to high quality care, and improving health outcomes and care delivery/systems.