NPs in the News


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Death of the Gerontological Nurse Practitioner: Part 1 of 2 - 5/23/2012

Pregnancy Power Workbook Author Receives Prestigious Navy Award - 5/2/2012

Susan Groth Selected as Fellow of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners - 5/2/2012

U-M Cancer Nurse Wins National Caregiver Award - 4/30/2012

Nurse of Year Known for Her Compassion - 4/25/2012

Nursing Dean Selected for National Fellowship - 4/16/2012

AANP Joins White House in National Health Care Initiative Serving Active Service Members and Veterans - 4/11/2012

Dr. Renee McLeod and Dr. Kathleen McCoy of Brandman University Inducted as Fellows in the AANP - 3/30/2012

Coney Island Hospital Nurse Receives Award for Pioneering Care of Terminally Ill - 3/29/2012

Lori Wegehaupt, NNP, Wins State Award for Excellence - 3/21/2012

Ten Heavy Hitters Who Changed Their Fields - 3/9/2012

Vanessa Pomarico Recognized for Women's History Month - 3/6/2012

Local School Nurse Named One of State's Best - 3/2/2012

Legislation Giving NPs Equal Pay Appears Dead - 2/17/2012


NGCSU Professor Earns March of Dimes Award for Excellence in Nursing - 12/10/2011

NIH Nurse Practitioner Chosen for Excellence in Nursing Award - 11/29/2011

Delores Krebs Named New Your State Nurse Practitioner of the Year - 11/14/2011

Seven Outstanding Healthcare Professionals Honored with Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award - 11/8/2011

Wisconsin Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Expert Joins Growing Naitonal Network of Hormone Doctors - 10/31/2011

Illinois Soicety for Advanced Practice Nursing Honors Take Care Clinic NP Penny Strong - 10/28/2011

Berryhill Recognized as Central Region Iowa Nurse of the Year - 10/10/2011

Loyola Nurse Receiveds Top Honor for Work to Assess Pain in Preemies - 10/5/2011

Nurse Practitioner Movement Founder Inducted into National Women's Hall of Fame - 10/3/2011

Nurse Practitioners were 'Lone Rangers' Founder Says - 10/1/2011

Rush NP Honored Nationally as Top Volunteer - 8/8/2011

Fulmer Wins GSA's 2011 Doris Schwartz Gerontological Nursing Research Award - 8/2/2011

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