About Nurse Practitioners (NPs)

NPs are RNs with advanced education in a focused area of study.  They can have a Master's degree, post-Master's certificate, or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.  NPs are able to prescribe medications in all states.  Their Scope of Practice varies across the United States.    NPs can open their own practices, including in the retail clinic arena.  They specialize in various clinical specialties, such as family, adult, pediatric, or women's health.  They teach at universities and do research.  NPs have many opportunities.  Click for More Information About NPs.

NP Entrepreneurs

Nurse practitioner practices are providing high quality services for patients and driving change in healthcare.  This section highlights these nurse practitioner innovators and their practices.

NP Contributions in Healthcare

Nurse practitioners have been advocates of healthcare access, cost effectiveness, and quality for many years.   NPs have provided testimony, briefings for state and national congressional offices, and worked on behalf of their patients to ensure safe and comprehensive care for all. This section discusses the ongoing work that nurse practitioners are doing to advance healthcare systems in the United States.

NPs in the News

Phyllis Zimmer, president of the Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation, receives the Loretta Ford Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Loretta (Lee) Ford inducted into National Women's Hall of Fame!

Nurse practitioners are working on behalf of their profession and their patients every day.  Sometimes their work makes the news.  This section highlights those newsmakers.

NPs Making a Difference

Nurse Practitioners are helping around the world, during crises, and serving those in need.

International NP News

News from around the world about nurse practitioners, their practices, and their patients.


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