Connecting Nurses:  An idea shared can change the world


Group of nurses diversity and men.jpg Connecting Nurses is an international initiative that brings nurses together online and in the "real world."  Guided by a steering committee composed of the Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation (NPHF), International Council of Nurses (ICN), the Secrétariat International Des Infirmières et Infirmiers de l'Espace Francophone (SIDIIEF), and the Association Française pour le Développement de l'Education Thérapeutique (AFDET) with support from Sanofi, this project is a forum for nurses from around the world to share ideas, advice, and innovations. 

Connecting Nurses hosts "Care Challenge" – a nursing recognition program that showcases nursing innovations worldwide.  Innovative nursing projects are invited from all nurses in the areas of General Nursing (education, practice, or research) or Chronic Disease.  While projects are accepted in all of these areas, this year, Care Challenge is inviting projects related to Patient Empowerment.  The Connecting Nurses "Care Challenge" is accepting applications for awards on an ongoing basis. A review committee evaluates the projects several times a year and chooses to highlight some of them.  These projects become Connecting Nurses “Favorites.”  The authors of the Favorites are then offered to choose between a promotional support – usually in the form of a professionally produced video of their project – or a one-time financial contribution supporting the further development of the project.  (To look at previously selected projects on the Favorites page, go to the “Discover” tab on the site).

The online submission of nursing innovations means that we are able to share nursing innovations and ideas around the world.  This is the 5th year of Care Challenge- and we have already seen that ideas in one country can be replicated successfully in others.  Over the past years more than 140 innovations have been submitted in the categories of education, practice, research, chronic disease management and immunizations.


1. Post your innovative project directly on the Care Challenge website: Care Challenge, log in, and post your innovation.   

2. Categorize your project as Chronic Disease or General Nursing. 

3. Then, select a specific area for your project:  Education, Practice, or Research. This year, Care Challenge is focusing on projects related to Patient Empowerment.


Note:  Projects are evaluated using the following criteria:  innovation of concept, social responsibility, adaptability to other settings or regions/countries, cultural appropriateness, promotion of health literacy, community impact and sustainability