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What is the difference between a scholarship and an award?
A scholarship is straight money without any activity required from you except to apply and complete the appliction forms.  For an award you will need to do a project that the award will help fund – for students this is usually the capstone, for practicing NPs, it is usually a project they are instituting in their workplace or for charity.

Why do you offer different scholarships and awards in different years?
We apply to many organizations to obtain funding for scholarships and awards.  We offer those scholarships and awards for which we obtain funding for that year. There are two scholarships that are endowed – this means that they are available when the interest earned is sufficient to fund the scholarship.

What is the selection process to determine the winner?
Once all applications are received for a specific scholarship or award, they are sent to selected reviewers to evaluate and score. The reviewers evaluate the applicants submitted materials against the score sheet categories. The final decision is based on the applicant receiving the highest score by meeting the specific critera of the scholarhip. 

How should I send my application to the NPHF?
All scholarships will now be completed online and sumbitted electronically. You will need to create an account via the link provided on the scholarship pages. You can then select the scholarship you wish to apply for and complete the application requirements. 

What do I send if this is my first semester and I do not have a GPA or transcript yet?
Please do NOT send a transcript from your previous schooling.  Print a list of the NP classes you are currently taking. Then, ask your program director to sign it, note that your grades are pending and you are in good standing with your classes.

What is an abbreviated CV?
Two pages or less summarizing your education as well as relevant experience.

Should references be included in my application or sent directly to the NPHF?
References should be uploaded directly into your online application. Please do not send references to NPHF seperately. 

What if my reference writer handwrites on their reference forms?
We understand if the reference is handwritten rather than type on the form.  This form will be accepted with handwriting but will still need to be uploaded into your online application. 

When are the winners announced?
The date for announcing the winner is posted with the application. It is typically approximately 6-8 weeks after the application deadline. 

How will I know if I’ve won or not?
We notify every applicant by end of day on the date the winners are to be announced to let them know whether they have won or not. We notify all applicants, whether winners or not.

What happens after I win a scholarship?
We will notify you and send you a W-9,  media release agreement and other paperwork that needs to be completed.  Will will also request a headshot photo. Once everything is in, you will be sent your check.